Formula 1 betting tips on practice and qualifying

Posted on 15/10/2018  in General Article

Anyone who bets Formula 1 should bet on the practice and the qualifying or watch at least these races because they already show the favorites. In addition, many technical details are analyzable. During the training the setup of the cars for the races will be worked out and tire tests will be carried out. These data will help you plan your Formula 1 betting tips for the official races. In qualifying, the starting position for the respective race is determined. The driver who drives the fastest lap in qualifying may start from the pole in the race. After a few of these qualifying sessions you can filter out several favorites for the season. You really should not ignore the training and qualifying because here you can collect a lot of valuable information.

Bet tips on the race

Let’s get to the betting tips for the actual race. These are clearly the most popular bets on Formula 1. In addition, here are the best odds and the most betting options. The race exit is of course the focus. You can place Formula 1 betting tips on the driver or the team. In addition to the winning bets odds bets are possible on a driver who lands in the top 3 of a race. You also have the opportunity to bet on how many points a particular driver or team can collect in total or during a race. Of course, there are also head to head bets. So you can also face teams or nations.

Formula 1 bet tips as live bets

As in other sports you can use the Formula 1 betting tips as live. This provides great excitement and thrill. Because with the real-time bets you follow the race live. Of course, the odds change all the time. The right time to bet is crucial. That’s not really easy in Formula One. Live betting definitely requires your full attention. Beginners who want to place real-time betting on should therefore note the following tips. Which riders have already completed how many pit stops? What is the tire consumption? This data can provide information about the later race exit.

Conclusion: successfully placing bets in formula one

Formula One is a very special challenge for bettors. Hardly any other sport requires such intensive preparation for a bet as it does for motorsport. But what needs to be considered concretely? First of all, you should inform yourself about the past races and their progress and results. Specifically, you should look at how the individual positions of the racers have changed from qualifying. A look at the statistics is always worthwhile. These are the basic requirements for successful Formula 1 Betting Online.