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Formula 1 betting tips on practice and qualifying

Posted on 15/10/2018  in General Article

Anyone who bets Formula 1 should bet on the practice and the qualifying or watch at least these races because they already show the favorites. In addition, many technical details are analyzable. During the training the setup of the cars for the races will be worked out and tire tests will be carried out. These data will help you plan your Formula 1 betting tips for the official races. In qualifying, the starting position for the respective race is determined. The driver who drives the fastest lap in qualifying may start from the pole in the race. After a few of these qualifying sessions you can filter out several favorites for the season. You really should not ignore the training and qualifying because here you can collect a lot of valuable information.

Bet tips on the race

Let’s get to the betting tips for the actual race. These are clearly the most popular bets on Formula 1. In addition, here are the best odds and the most betting options. The race exit is of course the focus. You can place Formula 1 betting tips on the driver or the team. In addition to the winning bets odds bets are possible on a driver who lands in the top 3 of a race. You also have the opportunity to bet on how many points a particular driver or team can collect in total or during a race. Of course, there are also head to head bets. So you can also face teams or nations.

Formula 1 bet tips as live bets

As in other sports you can use the Formula 1 betting tips as live. This provides great excitement and thrill. Because with the real-time bets you follow the race live. Of course, the odds change all the time. The right time to bet is crucial. That’s not really easy in Formula One. Live betting definitely requires your full attention. Beginners who want to place real-time betting onĀ should therefore note the following tips. Which riders have already completed how many pit stops? What is the tire consumption? This data can provide information about the later race exit.

Conclusion: successfully placing bets in formula one

Formula One is a very special challenge for bettors. Hardly any other sport requires such intensive preparation for a bet as it does for motorsport. But what needs to be considered concretely? First of all, you should inform yourself about the past races and their progress and results. Specifically, you should look at how the individual positions of the racers have changed from qualifying. A look at the statistics is always worthwhile. These are the basic requirements for successful Formula 1 Betting Online.

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4 Tips to Manage Time to Play Games to Become a Gamers Wise!

Posted on 19/09/2018  in General Article

If it’s fun playing games, we often become ignorant of time and don’t care about the surroundings, yes, spacer. Even though he has been told to stop playing by a boyfriend or parent, sometimes he can lie and quietly continue to the next level out of curiosity. Agree or not?
That habit inevitably becomes a negative stigma attached to every gamers. You could say that gamers are indifferent, cannot share time well, and the stigma that is the least wearing is that gamers are antisocial.
Of course you don’t want the stigma to stick to you? Also, you don’t want to fill your days just playing games without caring about the others?
For that we want to give tips so you can manage time. Isn’t a gamer used to managing strategies? Even managing time should be easy. Here are 4 tips on how to play the game!

Prioritize obligations
If you are a student, then keep prioritizing school time. Stay disciplined repeating lessons at home, attending meetings in the organization and doing assignments. Do not let the desire to run away from him for the sake of playing the game.
Well, if you are an employee who still likes to play games, finish your work well. Don’t shift the focus from the difficulty of working on the task by playing games, because it has the potential to make you too engrossed, so forget the deadline. Don’t try it!
Playing games by leaving obligations will only make you nervous and have difficulty completing the mission properly. In fact, playing games requires high concentration.

Specify a specific time to play the game
A successful gamer is one who can discipline, including playing time. Determine your playing time everyday and continue to obey, do not play outside these hours even though because it has the potential to make you feel able to understand the rules that you make yourself. Try firmly with yourself.
You can spend time playing games above 8:00 p.m., for example, when all the assignments are finished, when you have finished work or arrive home after work. At that time, you can still play 2 hours or 3 hours. As a person who grows up, just 6 hours of sleep is enough for our body. So the point is, don’t play games for hours and finally forget to sleep!

Tell your playmate
It is easy for us to ignore the time for playing the game also because of the invitation from friends who can come at any time. Especially if your online game friends have made chat groups. On the sidelines of school or work they can just take fun to play together. Woe to you who are easily tempted.
Therefore, if we have determined our playing schedule. Also tell your friends. Initially, they will think that you are a friend who is not fun because he refused his invitation, but over time they will get used to your rules and will not force you to play at that time.Read More


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Healthy Tips for Playing Games

Posted on 11/08/2018  in General Article

Playing games on a computer or in video game consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, and others, for some people is a fun and exciting activity. Behind it all, playing games can have a negative impact, even though there is also a good side (positive).

Well, to get the maximum good impact and minimize the adverse effects of playing the game, it’s good to read the tips and tricks of the shipment

1. Limit Game Play Time

If you are comfortable playing the game, people usually forget the time to stop and do other useful activities. At the beginning of playing the game, set an hour or two. If necessary, install the alarm clock to find out the time limit.

Playing games later can have a negative impact on our body, because the brain that is fully concentrated in the game will ignore important activities or body needs such as eating, drinking, worship, bathing, sleeping, resting, exercising, socializing, and so on. Sometimes people just realize after playing the game feels dizzy.

2. Don’t Play an Endless Game

Try, choose a game that doesn’t make us addicted to playing it for months and years and spending a lot of time all day playing it to produce a good game.

Of course that will limit us to know other new games, keep on being curious, and sometimes can be embarrassed if the status of the game account we play has low results compared to other gamers. It would be nice if we use the time available for other activities.

3. Avoid Difficult Games Fishing

Difficult games sometimes make us upset and finally emotions and anger are not clear. Punching and joystick can be a target if you are crazy and can be slammed, beaten, stepped on, and various other cruel acts.

Not only console machines or PC / laptop computers that are damaged. Your hands, feet and body can get sick if you commit violent acts on hard and solid inanimate objects. Stop playing games if you are emotional and watch TV directly to reduce anger.

4. Play Brain-Sharpening Games

There are many games that can improve our brain’s thinking abilities such as puzzle games, case games, memory games, strategy games, and so on. There are also funny games that can entertain us when playing them.

Analyze the game you play, whether it can have a positive impact and can provide entertainment or thinking skills. If you don’t give anything, it means that the game only wastes your time.

5. Invite Others to Play Together

Playing games is much better than playing alone. By inviting friends, family, neighbors, girlfriends, and so on to play games we will strengthen our relationship with others. Of course, as long as the game played is suitable to be played together and not make emotions.

Playing games alone will eliminate our social soul and can reduce the number of our friends from time to time. Friends of acquaintances from playing online games are not real friends
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